The SAT and ACT are high stakes exams that actually take years to really prepare for. Prep courses for those tests often assume that students have already had ample practice with critically analyzing a reading passage, plotting quadratics, and writing a grammar-free, convincing essay. However, this leaves many students feeling “unready” for their test prep courses, because all test prep courses (regardless of whether they are with TestMagic) are essentially reviews. As such, students who do not have a strong foundation in the subjects that are found on the SAT and ACT often find that the test prep courses are too accelerated. Overall, this negatively impacts how much these students get out of their test prep course.

TestMagic has designed a course series to fill in the gaps, so that students can have a strong foundation for their test prep courses and the future. Termed the Essencia series, our math and verbal courses are designed for middle school and high school students who want to get a head start on their SAT and ACT prep. Essencia is a perfect blend of math courses and our Writing courses, which mirrors the subjects and skills required for the SAT and ACT. Students in the Verbal classes will read books from famous authors and practice vocabulary, grammar, critical reading, and essay writing. Students in the Math classes will learn their math subject of choice* in detail.

Essencia 3.0

This is a high school level course. Essencia 3.0 is ideal for high school 9th and 10th graders who want to learn the math and English that are expected of them on the SAT and ACT. Students will be reading literature from authors such as Kurt Vonnegut and William Golding.

Essencia 2.0

This course is just like Essencia 3.0, except its difficulty is adjusted for middle school students. Essencia 2.0 introduces students to the importance of the deeper ideas of great literature and prepares students for the tricky math that lies ahead on the SAT and ACT. Students will be reading works of literature from such authors as John Steinbeck and Harper Lee. This class is great for incoming high school students who want to start learning high school level writing and math early.


*We may offer one or more of the following on a given summer: Algebra, Advanced Algebra (Algebra II), Geometry, and Statistics. What we offer is based on student interest and demand, so please contact us with your suggestions!