Large groups not your thing? Need tutoring in a subject that doesn’t have a group class? TestMagic has you covered.

Private classes are for those with specific needs. Our tutors can tailor a class just for you. For most students, this is the fastest and best way to learn.

For those who would like to learn at home, video tutoring is available (with screen-sharing and whiteboard functions). You will need a computer with an Internet connection, and some sort of audio or video to use all the features. All private tutoring students can Facetime quick 5-minute questions to our instructors for free!

Want to learn with a friend? 2-to-1 private tutoring and 3-to-1 private tutoring are also available.

Private tutoring is designed for
• Students who want more individual help than what our group classes offer.
• Students who need help with subjects that we don’t have group classes for.
• Students who need a more flexible test prep schedule.

Private Tutoring is can be scheduled anytime according to instructor availability:
• TestMagic must be notified of any cancellations at least 24 hours in advance.
• Please be on time for class. Late students will still be charged for the full class time.